A report from professional genealogist Nikki Paine

Our friend Terry Brown received a report from Nikki Paine of www.ancestryandheirs.co.uk in Ashford Kent, who has been researching Ralph Dayton. Nikki operates a registered professional service specializing in Kent family research. Both Terry and Nikki have graciously given their permissions to share with the whole Dayton family what has been found. Speaking for the family—“thank you” for your work and for sharing exciting discoveries!

PLEASE NOTE: There is so much content to report, I have picked highlights and will divide summaries of the report into at least two or three blog posts.

In addition to researching Ralph, Nikki reports that she has also been looking at the Tritton and Goldhatch families. After thorough investigation, no evidence was found to support a theory found in a few family trees on Ancestry® that Ralfe Tritton and Ralfe Dayton were the same person.

She also found no evidence that shows that Ralfe was a cousin of Robert Goldhatch junior, as stated in the Will of Alice’s brother Robert, who leaves his estate to his “cousin” Ralfe Dayton. We agree with her best explanation involving the definition of “cousin” as used in Elizabethan times (see http://www.shakespeareswords.com/cousin ).

Stay tuned for a most interesting and exciting discovery…enough so that I was inspired to interrupt my temporary hiatus. We may be getting closer to learning about Ralph’s departure!

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2 Responses to A report from professional genealogist Nikki Paine

  1. Paul Lee says:

    I am incredibly excited and looking forward to more!


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