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The Dayton family’s arrival at New Haven Colony

First, thank you to all the readers of this blog. It has truly been a pleasure for Jim and I to meet you and to communicate with you. It is also a pleasure to hear from so many Daytons and … Continue reading

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Alice Dayton not in the Seating at the Meeting House

Looking again at the list of church members in the Seating at the Meeting House in New Haven Colony, it is a little disconcerting that Alice Dayton does not seem to be present. In all, there were about ninety-nine men … Continue reading

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Ralph Dayton: reconciling descriptions of prominence

In the last post, I attempted to show that Ralph Dayton’s seating placement at the meeting house in New Haven does not indicate the “prominent” status often attributed to him. While this says nothing about his character and abilities, it … Continue reading

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Ralph Dayton’s “spot” at the meeting house

According to Alice Morse Earle, the Puritan custom of selling “spots for pues” was immensely important in early New England, providing public displays of dignity. Seating location in the house of worship was ordered by a person’s wealth and position, beginning … Continue reading

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To what extent were Daytons involved with the Rogerenes at New London?

There is the possibility that the Rogerene movement, an offshoot of the Anabaptists, had somehow been a factor in the marriage of Catherine Sweezey (many spellings) and Abraham Dayton, but to what extent it influenced or determined the course of unexplained … Continue reading

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Dayton researchers may be looking in the wrong place

It is rare that you find conversation about Puritans landing at the New Haven Colony, rather than at Massachusetts Bay. We hear so little about it, it’s not surprising that it is so widely ignored by family researchers, perhaps because … Continue reading

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This is the post excerpt. Continue reading

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