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Samuel Dayton: Merchant, Freighter or Other?

In the last post, the idea of Samuel as a “freighter” was presented. Although the definition of freighter has evolved in the past three hundred years, its meaning used to include a person who loads, receives, or forwards goods for transport. … Continue reading

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Ralph stopped briefly in Southampton

I have been pondering an often-repeated statement that when Ralph Dayton left New Haven, he “stopped briefly in Southampton” on his way to East Hampton. Another popular version says he “stopped briefly in Southold and Southampton.” Since it has become … Continue reading

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Thomas Baker of Southold?

In History of Southold, L.I. Its First Century, Whitaker included Thomas Baker prominently in his list of inhabitants of Southold. Whitaker provided no source and, despite our rather lengthy search, no other author was found who spoke of Baker at Southold. Whitaker said, … Continue reading

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Did Ralph Dayton dispose his son, Samuel?

As is so common in genealogy, many Dayton family storytellers have constructed images of Ralph they can comfortably embrace. Some of these stories attributing wealth and position have become legend, being repeated and retold for well over a century. In … Continue reading

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Daytons, a bunch of horse traders?

The importance and value of horses in the everyday life of a seventeenth century New Englander and Long Islander is well known and there is no shortage of records of the earliest Daytons in America that reference horses or horse … Continue reading

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Paperback is coming!

We just wanted everyone to know that a paperback edition of Our Long Island Ancestors, the First Six Generations of Daytons in America, 1639-1807  is in the works. We expect it to become available in a few weeks. UPDATE (June 16): … Continue reading

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Recommended: “Letters Home, Time and Again”

Last week, Ed Denné, descendant of Ralph Dayton, published his latest book entitled “Letters Home, Time and Again,” a collection of over 60 letters, most of them written by Dorothy Hedges of East Hampton from 1912 to 1918. Congratulations Ed, I loved … Continue reading

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