Identifying descendants of David Dayton Jr. and Chloe Skiff

We have some exciting news for descendants of David Dayton Jr. (1766-1807) and wife Chloe Skiff.

David was the son of David Dayton Sr. (s1739-1782) and wife Anne Francis and Chloe was the daughter of John Skiff and the elusive Eunice whose last name remains a mystery.

Jim is about seven weeks into a project that identifies as many of David Jr’s descendants as possible. He foresees this to be at least a three month process, and he has already identified almost 1,500 descendants.

The plan is to limit the public table to include 5 generations from David Jr., in order to ensure that no living person is included. Limited information beyond these 5 generations from David Jr. may be available, upon request.

Jim encourages you to write him, if you know or surmise that you connect through David Jr. He asks for further information for descendants of David and Chloe, and he can also assist you with information which you may lack. He can be reached at

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