February 2023 Ralph Dayton Y-DNA Update

The process is slow, but progress is being made toward determining Ralph Dayton’s Haplogroup. We now have matching Y-DNA results of at least four of Ralph’s descendants. Two are descended through Ralph’s son Samuel and one is descended through Ralph’s son Robert. We have a fourth match to Ralph, and Deane Dayton continues his work to determine if that match is connected through Samuel or Robert.

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6 Responses to February 2023 Ralph Dayton Y-DNA Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have matches to Samuel Parsons Dayton 1623, Ellen Dayton 1626 and Robert Pudder Dayton 1628 From Ancestry. They are all 5th to 8th. I have Big-Y on order which should bring matches much closer. Meade found and advised me of my Dayton connection.


  2. Susan Smith McMichael says:

    Off subject, Ralph Dayton (1588-1658) is my 9th ggf according to Ancestry. I am part of the Long Island, NY Dayton family. Including: Samuel, Isaac, Nathaniel, Tuttle, Samuel, Tuttle, Tuttle Orrin, Ruth (Dayton) Smith born 1865 in Port Jefferson, Long Island. Ruth is my great-grandmother. My grandfather and my father are named Orrin Dayton Smith


  3. terrybrowngts@aol.com says:

    Steve,  Let me know if and when it’s time for me to have a new DNA test run. Apparently I don’t have your new e-mail address, since your retirement? Hope all is well.  Won’t be long before you can drag the motorcycle out of the garage. Terry


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