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Who was Abraham Dayton’s eldest son?

I continue to be fascinated by the theory that Mary Beardsley may not have been Abraham Dayton’s first wife. The very fact that Jacobus mentions it grants the question some measure of importance. Please refer to the related December 10, … Continue reading

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When is generational history lost?

Specifically, I’ve wondered lately how many generations typically passed before parents or grandparents failed to mention to their children that their ancestors came to America aboard the Mayflower? Had that particular ship and group of people been any more noteworthy … Continue reading

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Descendants of David Dayton and Chloe Skiff Dayton

Jim’s latest descendants project is ready to share. The project includes two charts that begin with David Dayton Jr (1766-1807) and wife Chloe Skiff/Skiffe. The first chart entitled Descendant chart of David and Chloe Dayton-Five Generations (PDF) is limited to five … Continue reading

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Dayton Family and AMC’s TURN: Washington’s Spies

With season 4 of Turn: Washington’s Spies beginning in just two days, here’s a little bit of information about our ancestors in Brookhaven and Setauket in relation to the story as depicted in the AMC series. For me, it gives … Continue reading

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Motivation to learn more about David and Anne Francis Dayton

In the last few weeks, we have been chasing down possible leads on David Dayton (son of Henry Dayton) during the American Revolution on Long Island and in New Jersey, Connecticut and in Massachusetts. Those new leads have now been … Continue reading

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David Dayton’s fate in the rebellion and mayhem that followed

The investigation into the question of David Dayton’s (c.1739-1782) situation and sentiment during the British army’s occupation of Long Island is ongoing. We are also hoping we might discover some circumstance around his death.

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Henry Dayton at Great Egg Harbor, NJ

On this day, January 24, in 1760, an inventory of Henry Dayton’s estate at Great Egg Harbor, NJ was signed by his son David Dayton and other witnesses. David had inherited the estate valued at £185 from his father upon … Continue reading

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