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Happy 400th Anniversary

Thanks to the descendants of Wilber Dayton Jr.         Advertisements

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400th wedding anniversary of Ralph Dayton and Alice Tritton next week!

I had been saving this post for June 16, but it might be more fitting to post now as a reminder, in case anyone else wanted an excuse for a family celebration. We’ve already heard of one planned celebration in … Continue reading

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Ralph and Mary at Towd

Upon Ralph Dayton’s marriage to Mary Haines, he assumed ownership of the Haines property in Southold. The couple did not live there however, but instead rented the property to Reverend Young while Ralph and Mary probably lived just north of Sam … Continue reading

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Ralph Dayton and East Hampton Town Pond

It is said that the first settlers of East Hampton gathered around their common area, arranging their houses in a configuration so that fences could be constructed between them, joining all to form a corral at its center. If this … Continue reading

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Connecting Henry Dayton with David Dayton using earmarks

There are so many angles to researching family and expanding recorded legacy, the pursuit is never finished. One such angle is the study of earmarks and connecting generations by following a personal earmark through a family, usually from father to … Continue reading

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Thomas Baker, true friend of the Dayton family

Ralph Dayton’s son-in-law Thomas Baker, husband of Alice, became an extraordinary friend and consistent ally to the Dayton family. The couple married in June of 1643 and lived at Milford CT until Thomas negotiated with Daniel Howe to purchase Howe’s very significant … Continue reading

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Origins of whaling in America

Samuel Dayton and his son Abraham were merchants of whale oil. We know that Abraham had a whaling company, but we do not know much more than that. One can only imagine. (I was saving this post for later, but … Continue reading

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