On this day, Henry Dayton prepared for his death

The seasons are changing in Indiana and I observe that some green leaves fall to the ground while others change to brilliant color before they finally lose their grip. As much as I enjoy the beautiful color and relief from summer’s heat, it is also a time of reflection and for some, a sense of melancholy. I guess it’s in my genes.

On October 7, 1759, even though he would live for some weeks longer, Henry Dayton was preparing for his own death. Much of what we learn about Henry and his family comes from the division of the wealth he held until his death. Included in these possessions were slaves, making Henry the only ancestor we are not able to believe rid himself of the practice.

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1 Response to On this day, Henry Dayton prepared for his death

  1. David W. Hunter says:

    Steve, do you have a gravesite and burial location for Henry Dayton, whom you say d. abt Oct 1759 in Setauket? Is Abigal Norton Dayton buried together w/ him?


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