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Enormity of the process

I’ve been thinking about the enormity of discomfort and expense the Ralph Dayton family endured to leave Ashford for the unknown. When an order in council was passed on April 6 of 1638 (some say 1639) that persons wishing to … Continue reading

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Ralph Dayton’s disputed land

Shortly after the 1658 death of Ralph Dayton at North Sea (Northampton), Phillip Leeke of New Haven made certain that the particulars of his purchase of lands from Ralph almost ten years earlier were properly recorded. Why did he do … Continue reading

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Ralph Dayton, Representative to Connecticut?

On March 7, 1650, a general court held at East Hampton ordered Ralph Dayton to go to Connecticut in order to retrieve East Hampton purchase documents and to acquire an organized, written copy of laws.

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Was Ralph Dayton’s grave at the Old Southampton Burial Ground?

Does anyone have further information or knowledge of the estimated 1,700 graves discovered at Southampton, beyond what was reported last fall? According to a piece written in The New York Times, October 30, 2016 by Arielle Dollinger, a mapping service … Continue reading

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Ralph Dayton was probably not born in Ashford

Nikki also says that Denise Bailey’s “detail of the Ashford families in the late 1500s/early 1600s is extensive.” Bailey mentions Hugh Tritton as borsholder (a petty constable) in 1604/5, when he attempted to arrest a yeoman named William Core. I … Continue reading

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Was Ralph Dayton bound for Massachusetts?

We are especially interested and excited to learn of Nikki Paine’s discovery of a book by Denise Bailey, (2003) Ashford People in the 1400s, 1500s and 1600s. A P Willox, Lyminge that is not much bigger than a pamphlet, but … Continue reading

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Dayton Histories

Along with our decision to publish our research came the recognition that we were not equipped or resourced to expand much beyond our own narrow line from Ralph, beginning with Samuel. It became our larger vision that other Ralph Dayton … Continue reading

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