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Ralph Dayton was probably not born in Ashford

Nikki also says that Denise Bailey’s “detail of the Ashford families in the late 1500s/early 1600s is extensive.” Bailey mentions Hugh Tritton as borsholder (a petty constable) in 1604/5, when he attempted to arrest a yeoman named William Core. I … Continue reading

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Marrying up

It seems that Ralph Dayton did well for himself in Ashford. Let me explain. Ralph’s future mother-in-law, Bennett was named sole executrix for the estates of Robert Goldhatch and Hugh Tritton, her first two husbands. Both were quite generous to … Continue reading

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All in the family

Robert Goldhatch and Bennett Meade were married in 1585 and the couple had a daughter, Alice. Robert and Bennett were married about 14 or 15 years when Robert died. A year or two later, when Alice was about 14, her … Continue reading

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