Descendants of David Dayton and Chloe Skiff Dayton

Jim’s latest descendants project is ready to share. The project includes two charts that begin with David Dayton Jr (1766-1807) and wife Chloe Skiff/Skiffe.

The first chart entitled Descendant chart of David and Chloe Dayton-Five Generations (PDF) is limited to five generations in order that no living person is included. Jim has chosen to make this file of about 656 persons available in the link above. Continue reading

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Ralph Dayton, Representative to Connecticut?

On March 7, 1650, a general court held at East Hampton ordered Ralph Dayton to go to Connecticut in order to retrieve East Hampton purchase documents and to acquire an organized, written copy of laws. Continue reading

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Judging Dayton character

On occasion, I am asked questions about our Long Island ancestors that, for my reply, require character judgements that are personal and a little uncomfortable to convey. The natural tendency is to be defensive, but the attempt is made to avoid reaching conclusions that are distorted by pride and family protection. Then we find records where it seems obvious that actions cannot be defended. Continue reading

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Medlin, Dayton’s own Pocahontas

This year is the 400th anniversary of the death of Pocahontas, the original Native American princess that provided the model and inspiration for so many families with colonial ancestors to acquire their own exotic Indian princess. Not to be left out, the Daytons discovered theirs, most likely sometime in the nineteenth century, when such acquisitions were very much in style. The most logical candidate for the assignment of such a wife was Samuel, the adventurous son of Ralph Dayton who conveniently did have early contact with local Native Americans.

It is unfortunate that so many years have passed, with so many research opportunities lost, because the distracting story has survived to this day and has misdirected inquiry.

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On this day, Henry Dayton prepared for his death

The seasons are changing in Indiana and I observe that some green leaves fall to the ground while others change to brilliant color before they finally lose their grip. As much as I enjoy the beautiful color and relief from summer’s heat, it is also a time of reflection and for some, a sense of melancholy. I guess it’s in my genes. Continue reading

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Was Ralph Dayton’s grave at the Old Southampton Burial Ground?

Does anyone have further information or knowledge of the estimated 1,700 graves discovered at Southampton, beyond what was reported last fall? According to a piece written in The New York Times, October 30, 2016 by Arielle Dollinger, a mapping service used radar at the Old Southampton Burial Ground to find soil disturbances where graves may have been dug, each about 5 feet by 10 feet. Continue reading

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Ralph Dayton reference mystery solved

This post is a progress report and follow-up to the post Was Ralph Dayton bound for Massachusetts? posted on September 17.

Terry Brown has chased down the New Hampshire Genealogical Magazine reference given in the Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England, 1620-1650 for Ralph Dayton. Continue reading

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