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Abraham Dayton, Brookhaven Pastor?

As I continue online research, I am a little surprised to find that there are still a few websites listing Abraham Dayton as “pastor.” Abraham was the son of Samuel Dayton and grandson of Ralph Dayton. Twenty-five or thirty years … Continue reading

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Connecting Henry Dayton with David Dayton using earmarks

There are so many angles to researching family and expanding recorded legacy, the pursuit is never finished. One such angle is the study of earmarks and connecting generations by following a personal earmark through a family, usually from father to … Continue reading

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Abraham Dayton family in Brookhaven NY and New London CT

I find it very difficult to escape the desire to discover what happened to Abraham Dayton in the late 1690s that seemed to change everything. Two particularly large and bothersome questions in his story are the apparent separation of family … Continue reading

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To what extent were Daytons involved with the Rogerenes at New London?

There is the possibility that the Rogerene movement, an offshoot of the Anabaptists, had somehow been a factor in the marriage of Catherine Sweezey (many spellings) and Abraham Dayton, but to what extent it influenced or determined the course of unexplained … Continue reading

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Did Abraham Dayton have sons from a wife before Mary Beardsley?

There exists a theory that Abraham (son of Samuel, born about 1654) had been married previous to taking his stepsister Mary Beardsley as bride. The theory goes that he already had two sons named Abraham and Jacob, but conclusive evidence … Continue reading

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