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Samuel Dayton’s primitive shelter

With this bitter cold we’ve been experiencing across the Midwest and East Coast, I couldn’t help but think about what it must have been like for our pioneer ancestors, particularly for those who established residence where no Europeans had lived … Continue reading

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350 years ago, today

Governor Nicholls of New York had invited the Unkechaug, Shinnecock and Montaukett sachems to meet with him in the fall of 1665, to formally establish diplomatic relations. The governor heard the sachem complaints and after the old patent was dissolved, … Continue reading

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“Parsons” does not belong with our Samuel Dayton

We finally may have located the origin of the insertion of “Parsons” into our Samuel Dayton’s name. Since this idea has been introduced to the internet, it is proliferating, causing much confusion. For reference, Samuel Dayton is the son of … Continue reading

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