Ralph Dayton Y-DNA September 2022 Progress Report

I take great pleasure in providing the first progress report, for September.

(1) Many contacts with Daytons are being established in these beginning stages of the project. We are learning about what is needed and who will be the best candidates to provide the most useful DNA for the purposes of the project. We expect that, in time, greater knowledge will lead to special appeals or solicitation for certain family lines.

(2) In September 2022, Deane Dayton, Administrator for the Ralph Dayton Y-DNA Project, has assumed responsibility as Co-Administrator for the established, surname-variant Deaton Project. We trust these additional data from other haplotype research could provide added value in the broader database.

(3) Acknowledging that Deane’s DNA match list is similar to the haplogroup, he also has been admitted to the Yorkshire Project in the UK. Does this fact suggest that Ralph Dayton descendants probably originate from York? We should learn more with time and with the addition of participants.

(4) Based on what little work we’ve done so far, we do have evidence what Ralph’s Y DNA chromosome looks like. If you are thinking about participating and you took the Y DNA test, we could say with reasonably high certainty if you are either a descendant of Ralph or are related to Ralph’s extended family. We now have evidence that gives us a more accurate picture of Ralph’s haplogroup. As more data become available, the more specific we can become.

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1 Response to Ralph Dayton Y-DNA September 2022 Progress Report

  1. Susan McMichael says:

    Great news! Thank you for your support of this project


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