More Information about Ralph Dayton Y-DNA Project


What are the goals of the project?

  1. To help Dayton families determine if they may have descended from Ralph Dayton (1588-1658) who immigrated from England to America in the 1630s and settled on Long Island, New York.
  2. To help determine Ralph’s English Ancestral origins.

Who started the project?

Deane, Jim and Steve Dayton, tenth generation direct male descendants of Ralph Dayton (1588-1658) and grandchildren of Wilber Thomas Dayton (1870-1957) of Corinth, New York

When did the project start?

Summer of 2022

How many participants are there currently?

At the project start there are only a few known descendants of Ralph who have been tested.  The plan is to test other known descendants of Ralph and to find matches for them in the results of the hundreds of thousands of Y-DNA samples at Family Tree DNA.

What is needed to complete the project?

To better understand Ralph’s Y-DNA profile, we need probable direct male descendants of Ralph to have their Y-DNA tested by Family Tree DNA and included as anonymously tagged public data in two Family Tree DNA project groups (Deaton and R _R1b All Subclades).  Of particular interest are males who descended from Ralph’s son Robert.

Once Ralph’s Y-DNA profile is more defined, individuals who are unsure of their ancestry can use a Y-DNA test to see if their results are in a range that might make them descendants of Ralph. 

In addition, As the Family Tree DNA database grows, we hope to identify others who may have descended from Ralph’s ancestors.

How do I know if I am a direct male descendant of Ralph?

You may be a direct male descendant of Ralph if you are a male, your last name is Dayton (or a variant such as Deighton or Deaton) and you have a family tree that shows you descended from Ralph or from Dayton’s who were originally from Long Island, New York.

What is the cost to participate?

The cost of Y-DNA tests at Family Tree DNA ranges from $100 to $500, depending upon the sensitivity of the test.  Participants are encouraged to start with a lower sensitivity test.  Family Tree DNA will store your DNA sample and you can upgrade the test at a later time for a prorated cost.

Who can I contact for more information?

Deane Dayton ( will help guide you through the process, including the selection of the most appropriate testing level.

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3 Responses to More Information about Ralph Dayton Y-DNA Project

  1. Susan McMichael says:

    I am the great-great granddaughter of Tuttle Orrin Dayton of Port Jefferson. His daughter Ruth Irene Dayton was my great-grandmother and I remember her. She was nearly 99 years old when she died. Ruth married Harrison Moore Smith. Their son, my grandfather, Orrin Dayton Smith, and my father, Orrin Dayton Smith Jr.
    My DNA matches others from the Dayton family but the few males in the family wouldn’t be interested in doing the Y test.


  2. Elizabeth Martinez-Gibson says:

    I wish I could be of help, but the last male Dayton in my line was my great-great grandfather, Robert Henry Dayton, son of Robert White Dayton, descendants of Samuel Dayton, Ralph’s son. I am a descendant of Robert Henry Dayton’s daughter Ann Eliza Dayton. The only male Dayton I knew of was a grandson and great-grandson of Robert Henry Dayton, and both have passed before I ever got to know them.


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