Second Book

Earlier this week, I started writing our second book. Actually, it’s more of an outline for now, but I intend to accumulate text over the next few years, with Jim providing information and editing as needed.

It will be a continuation of our story, adding four more generations to the previous six in the first book. These additional four lived in Hadley, New York. The book begins with Long Islander David Junior and wife Chloe Skiff moving to Hadley and will include his son Henry and his wife Christie Ann Cameron, grandson Charles and his wife Nancy Goodnow and great grandson Wilbur and his wife Jesse Belle White.

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2 Responses to Second Book

  1. Elizabeth Ann Martinez-Gibson says:

    Hi Steve. i don’t know how I didn’t know about your first book before, but I just purchased it on Amazon. I look forward to have some time over the holidays to go through it. I have another one, I believe the author was Edson Dayton. I’m hoping one day, I can write one of my Dayton line.
    Happy Holidays!


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