Jane Dayton and Jesse Rayner

The Daytons and the Raynors have had connections way back to the earliest years of the Southampton settlement.

Jim found the answers to the questions posed in the last post—what were the first names of Mr. Rayner and Ms. Dayton? More information on the situation was uncovered in the Brookhaven Town Records Book C, on pages 309 and 362.

The record tells us that the day before the date on the receipt (see last week’s post for photo), the Town Justices ordered Jesse Rayner to pay Jane Dayton Seven Pounds Seven Shillings, and we know that Jesse did comply.

When Jane appealed for help seven years later, we find out that both Jane and Jesse lived at the Manor of St. George, perhaps both employed by Mr. Floyd. Today, the Manor is a museum, located in Shirley, NY. Jane writes:

St. George’s Maner, October, the 27th, 1770.

Mr. Floyd, Sir: these are to Desire you to get the money that is due to me for keeping of Jesse Rayner’s child, for I stand in grait need of it and cannot due without it, and if you can’t attend to get the money, I desire that you would sine the noat over to me that I may get the money, and I desire that you would Let me know by sending me a few Lines.
So I remain your humble Servant Jean Datton.

In a February 4, 1773 record, we find a third spelling for “Jane.” The town trustees:

voted and agreed on that Jaine Dayton shall have paid to her the sum of four shillings a week until further orders out of ye Town Store for ye support of her sickley sister.

Jane probably used this spelling J-A-I-N-E in her receipt signature, making it even more difficult to interpret her first name on that document.

In the Parish Records of Mattituck and Aquebogue 1751-1809 Marriages, a Jesse Rayner and Mary Goodaile of the “Manner of St. Georges-South Hamton,” were registered to marry on May 17, 1775.

Is this the Jessie Raynor, son of Josiah Raynor and Sarah Higby, born Feb 1, 1721/22? If so, it’s interesting to note that Jesse’s brother Joseph married Jemima Dayton, daughter of Nathaniel Dayton, in 1762.

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