Mother Dayton

UPDATED 7/25/18: Jim has answered these questions. See them in the next post.

Another curious entry in Brookhaven Town Records is a receipt with a Dayton signature that has probably stumped researchers through the years because we have never found an interpretation or even a reference to it. I believe we can make out all but three words. The entry says,

May the 30th 1763
Received of the the trustees and overseers of the poor of the Town of Brookhaven the sum of Seven Pounds Seven Shillings in full for [keeping] my bastard child charged to [Jefrey] Rayner which pays in full to the 29th of this instant May I say received by me
[      ] Dayton

Would anyone like to suggest a first name for mother Dayton? Note that it is not particularly helpful to compare her handwriting to that of the receipt.

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  1. I can’t wait to see the responses. Isn’t this the entry with concludes with Janes Dayton, or am confusing this with another


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