Mary Haines (last of four parts)

Mary Knight Haines (Haynes/Hindes) and Ralph Dayton had been married a little over two years when Ralph died. The couple was still residing at North Sea (then called Northampton) when Mary was left in September of 1658. Ralph’s health had probably been declining since July, when he wrote his will.

Ralph desired that Mary take possession of the Southold house and land from her first marriage, but as directed, Mary would have to wait for Reverend Youngs to vacate the property once his lease expired. Therefore, it was also Ralph’s desire to provide the “house at Northampton” for Mary while she waited. This stipulation created a potential problem because the North Sea (Northampton) house and land were left to Ralph’s son Samuel.

Ralph must have had some confidence that Mary and Samuel were capable of carrying out his wishes despite the potential for tensions and conflict. Personally, I find this astonishing because it seems that Sam often had difficulty with patience. Possibly, Ralph assumed the problem would be avoided because he believed Mary would have a husband again soon after his death, so Sam would have his house soon.

The next time we find Mary, she was already the wife of neighbor Ffulk Davis in a March 1660/61 court record, though it is not known how long they had been married. In this record, Robert Dayton (Mary’s step-son), the executor of his father’s will, and Thomas Baker entered suite against the Davises that was addressed in both Southampton and East Hampton courts, in an action of trespass accusing Mary of interfering with the estate at Southold before the lease was expired. Apparently, the Davises had violated the terms of the inheritance and the court had placed them under bond for the purpose of keeping them from further interference with the Southold estate.

From the East Hampton court record, it is learned that the Davises had entered into some kind of a business deal with two East Hampton men, in violation of their bond.

The Magistrates have entred an accon against William Edwards Nathaniell ffoster in an accon of the case for makeinge a bargaine contrary to an order of the towne by wch cause great damage may redowne to this litle comon welth or towne in wch we are…whereas there hath beene a difference betweene Mr Thomas Baker and Robert Dayton the one party, and Mary Davis the wife of ffulke Davis the other party, about an estate that was left by James Haynes the former husband, or Ralph Dayton her second husband

See the May 30, 2017 post entitled Ralph and Mary at Towd that contains a map of the Fish Cove area of North Sea and identifies Davis Creek.

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