Mary Haines (part three)

As the agreement states, Mary was to receive half the estate and her children were to receive the other half, according to its appraised value. Ralph then pointed out that much time had passed since the last inventory of the estate was recorded, so the court determined that necessary adjustments be born by all parties.

Then an interesting thing happened. Ralph declared to the court,

…that before James Hindes dyed, he desired that Mr. Herbert might be put out from being one of the ouerseers and Mr. Wells put in his roome.

Of course, Ralph was probably not in attendance to witness this claim, but he was relaying information from Mary. There has to be an interesting backstory! Remember too, that Mr. Herbert is the same man who objected to the will and confronted Mary.

The court told him [Ralph] that they,

can doe nothing wthout proofe, but if Mr. Herbert desires to be free, and if it be proved that it was the mans minde before he dyed, they are willing vpon goodman Daytons desire, that the two deputies now present, Barnabas Horton & William Purrier, should joyne with Mr. Younge the other ouerseer, to take care of the chilldren and their estates, that they may be put out to trades and their estates improuved to their advantage.

It is likely that Ralph and Mary were married within days of the court record, or as soon as all of the eight minor children were disposed. Apparently, Mary (and Ralph) gained control of the house at Southold, but Ralph did not make Southold his home. Instead, Ralph rented the house to Reverend Youngs while he and Mary lived in the Fish Grove area of North Sea (Southampton).

Expect one last installment of the saga next week…

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