Ralph Dayton’s long lot at East Hampton

Last week I came across the Home Sweet Home Historic Structure Report by Robert Hefner, prepared for the Board of Trustees of the Village of East Hampton, with research by Hugh King, 2004. The report includes a very detailed structural history and description of the building known as Home Sweet Home museum. I thought we had posted this previously, but I am unable to find it here. I hope you find it as interesting as it is to me.


The map below was prepared for the report, and included in the report, from the “Records of the Allotment of Robert Dayton,” that describes the lot this way,

the home lot and addition containing fourteen acres more or less bounded by the street West and John Osborne’s home lott North and Hook Pond East and Thomas Chatfield’s home lot south.

Ralph Dayton’s youngest son, Robert took possession of the entire 14 acre lot sometime after the death of his father in 1658. Note the location of Home Sweet Home in the north corner of the lot which extended all the way back to Hook Pond.

When transferred to a modern Google map, the approximate north and south boundaries of the Dayton lot are displayed, defined by white lines.

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