Current Ralph Dayton family projects

There are currently several Ralph Dayton family projects in process.

Jim is investing numerous hours/weeks searching old documents, looking for such items as David Dayton’s land deed in Hadley NY (about 1790). As you can imagine, it is a tiresome task to translate handwritten documents containing early spellings.

My projects are much smaller but I am beginning to think I should focus my attention to just one at a time. They include the search for more information on the identity of Mary Dingle (Sam’s second wife), “Dayton’s Beach” at Long Chestnuts in Wading River, and the administration of Samuel’s will by his eldest son Ralph.

This post was a little slow in coming because the plan was to include our findings and, as these things go, there has yet been any significant information uncovered. Mary Dingle remains a mystery beyond what we recorded, beginning on page 207.

I did discover that some discussion of the “Dayton’s Beach” near modern-day Miller Place NY fell victim to our chopping the length of the book and was lost in the process. We should note that there is another “Dayton’s Beach” mentioned in the book, but that one was at South. There had also been mention of one or two others located in modern-day Springs on the south fork of Long Island, and another (as I remember) somewhere near Old Field, but I do not recall the source or circumstance. What we did publish is found on page 258.

If anyone has interest, perhaps I could post sections of a wonderful map from History of Shoreham by Mary Loud Abata. She credits E. Meier The Wading River: Paucauconsuk (sp).

If anyone has any leads on Mary Dingle or her possible connection to Mathias, I would very much appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.

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