Ralph Dayton of Danish descent?

My brother Jim recently discovered a newspaper memoriam published in 1895 for a Robert G. Dayton of Granville NY, published in the Salem Review-Press.

What is so interesting about this memoriam is that almost two-thirds of it summarizes “the family of Dayton [that] is of Danish descent.” The article goes on to say that Dayton is derived in the language of Denmark from Deighton and that this Robert’s ancestor was Ralph Dayghton “as Englishman” who settled in Boston before 1639.

From Robert Dayton of East Hampton, the line provided in the memoriam is as follows: Robert to Samuel to Nathan to Abraham who went to Granville NY “after the close of the revolutionary war.” His son Jehiel Dayton commanded a company of artillery in the war of 1812 that participated in the battle of Plattsburgh. Jehiel was the father of Robert G. Dayton.

Jim reminds me that this was printed at a time genealogy was especially popular, when many people purchased favorable pedigrees from unscrupulous salesmen, so caution is advised.

Has anyone researched an early Danish connection? For what it’s worth, our DNA includes Scandinavian markers.

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