Is Ralph Dayton entry the earliest East Hampton town record?

(Written yesterday)
This is the third post I’ve written for this week, but the first two were discarded as the content turned out to be false. So here we are on March 7, and it wasn’t until I was almost finished with the second draft that I noticed the record I had been working on was from March 7—three hundred sixty-eight years ago today.

The E.H. town record of March 7, 1650 refers to the order for Ralph to go to Connecticut to retrieve the settler’s deed and a set of written laws. The record is the first mention of Ralph Dayton in East Hampton and it establishes his residence there.

Peter Ross stated,

Excepting the Indian Deed for the Township, there is nothing of an earlier date on Record [than the Ralph Dayton record].

This statement has reinforced the popular claim that Ralph was an original settler of East Hampton.

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