Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Dayton of New Jersey

RE: another discussion of potential children from Abraham Dayton and an unknown first wife (before Mary).

Today, I am pulling an entire paragraph from a webpage entitled Schanus, Frank, Kass and Sholly Families, owned by Edward Schanus. As far as information on our line of early Dayton family, most of Mr. Schanus’s page is very good.  Schanus says,

Only one son is known to have been the child of Abraham’s first wife, whose parents were married in 1650. She must have been of marriageable age by 1680. That Abraham was taxed in 1675 and owned a house in 1680 seems to indicate marriage. They are known to have been married by 1684. Caleb was born in Dec 1687 and Abraham married second in the first half of the 1690s decade. So there could have been several children born between, say, 1675 and 1690. There are several Daytons of unknown parentage who could be children of Abraham and Mary (Beardsley) Dayton. Perhaps one, some, or all of the following: Mary, who married at Stratford, Conn, 14 Dec 1698 Richard Dawson; Abraham of Salem County, New Jersey before 1745; Isaac of Hanover County, New Jersey before 1751, and Jacob of Southold, New York in 1725 and Salem County, New Jersey before 1742.

My brother Jim is working on this, but it would be great if others with access to local records could invest the time necessary to this worthwhile project—to examine the possibility of these potential children of Abraham and an unknown first wife.

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