Samuel Dayton contemplated going to Killingworth, Connecticut?

Google® the phrase “apparently contemplated going to Killingworth” and you will find many references to Samuel Dayton, repeating variations of the sentence “He apparently contemplated going to Killingworth, Conn. where four lots had been assigned him before 19 Apr 1667.” It’s unfortunate that the real story that is so interesting and significant is completely lost with this statement.

Of course, this date refers to the April 19, 1667 Underhill letter from Governor Nicholls where Kelenworth is named as the location in negotiation, and might be the proposed name for that particular area otherwise known as Killingworth upon Matinecock, on Long Island.

This is the same letter where the governor states,

That as to the buisnesse of Samuell Daytons having of foure Lotts & his exposing them to sale upon his Removall, Its thought fitt hee should have one either to enjoy or otherwise to dispose thereof, but no more the other three may bee reserved for the Encouragement of other familyes to come & settle upon them.

The reference to Sam in this letter indicates that Underhill acted in Sam’s behalf, inquiring of the governor what should be done with the vacated lots Sam had purchased. Consistent with the Governor’s statement that anyone already settled there should not be disturbed, “its thought fit hee should have one” but he would lose the other three lots.

The Frost Genealogy places Sam contemporary with the seven purchasers,

Contemporaneous with the Seven Purchasers on Killingworth upon Matinecock…were Richard and Josias Latten, William Frost, John Coles, Samuel Dayton, Edmund Wright, John Dyer, John Robins, John Davis, Joseph Eastland, Samuel Tillear, Auron Forman Junior, Henry Bell and Lawrence Mott, but with the exception of the Lattens, Frost and Forman all had removed from hence before the close of the century.

For more details of this story, which is part of the much larger story involving Sam and privateer Captain Underhill, refer to pages 200-205 in our book.

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