Was Ralph Dayton’s grave at the Old Southampton Burial Ground?

Does anyone have further information or knowledge of the estimated 1,700 graves discovered at Southampton, beyond what was reported last fall? According to a piece written in The New York Times, October 30, 2016 by Arielle Dollinger, a mapping service used radar at the Old Southampton Burial Ground to find soil disturbances where graves may have been dug, each about 5 feet by 10 feet.

The burial ground located at 205 Little Plains Rd, Southampton is supposed to have operated about 1640 to 1712 and is most visible from Post Lane, as an open field.

According to the Times article, one pink granite stone stands out among the 47 visible tombstones. It says “Edward Howell, a founder and settler; Southampton 1640; died here 1655.”

Because the cemetery is only 4 miles from where Ralph Dayton died in 1658 at North Sea, there is a good possibility that his grave marker was once located there. It also becomes one of the possible locations for Medlin’s grave, since she and Samuel owned a house or two closeby.


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2 Responses to Was Ralph Dayton’s grave at the Old Southampton Burial Ground?

  1. Perhaps there are buried stones too. I imagine technology can or will be able to detect those too.


    • Steve Dayton says:

      Yes, I am hoping we will find out if more stones are found. Unfortunately, Ralph or Medlin probably didn’t have stones in those early years, unless they were later placed by descendants.


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