Dayton Histories

Along with our decision to publish our research came the recognition that we were not equipped or resourced to expand much beyond our own narrow line from Ralph, beginning with Samuel. It became our larger vision that other Ralph Dayton descendants might be inspired to investigate and tell the stories of Samuel’s siblings, connecting the ever-expanding branches.

For example, we know that both the Thomas Baker family coming from Alice Dayton and the Robert Dayton branch produced interesting, distinguished lines, although we are ignorant of the specifics. I know less about lines established through Ellen Dayton.

Ellen’s baptismal record was dated December 3, 1626 at Ashford, placing her birth between brothers Samuel and Robert. Ellen married John Linley and the couple had at least four children, according to Genealogies of Connecticut Families: From the New England …, Volume 1. Sarah and John Jr. were reportedly born at New Haven while Mary and Hanna were born at Guilford, CT. It was there that Ellen died a few days after Hanna was born on April 1, 1654.

In “Barnes Families of Long Island and Branford, Conn,” Donald Lines Jacobus suggests that Mary and Hanna were taken in by East Hampton relatives, although he doesn’t specify if he was referring to Aunt Alice, Uncle Robert or Grandpa Ralph. We assume Jacobus may have come to this idea after observing Ralph’s care for the girls in his 1658 will where he left 20 pounds to be divided between them.

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