At Northampton

In the May 30 post entitled Ralph and Mary at Towd, we talked about what is probably the false assumption that Ralph and Mary lived at Southold. I had often wondered why this idea was popular and now I think I have stumbled upon the answer.

Near the beginning of Ralph’s will, there is mention of the house at Southold that had belonged to Mary’s first husband. It might be that some readers stopped there without consideration of the next sentence. In the next sentence, we find that the couple was living at their house at Northampton (North Sea) and Mary would not take possession of her former house at Southold until the lease with Reverend Youngs was up.

My will is that my wife shall have three score pounds sterling according to our agreement to be paid as followeth:

1st that she shall have the house and land that is at Southold which was her owne in part of payment of the three scor poundes and the rest paide her out of the goodes she brought with her.

Also my will is that my wife shall have her living in this house at Northampton till the time be ought for her owne which is now lett

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