All in the Family, Part Two

It is such a pleasure to make the acquaintance of “new” family members, but imagine finding out your spouse can also be traced back to Ralph Dayton! That very thing happened to Jim this week. Even after researching family for about 35 years, he just now discovered that his 8th great grandfather, Ralph Dayton is also his wife’s 11th great grandfather, making Jim and Judy ninth cousins three times removed.

While Jim’s line is through Samuel Dayton, Judy’s line is through Sam’s younger brother Robert Dayton.

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4 Responses to All in the Family, Part Two

  1. Ed Denne says:

    Been there – what a great surprise.


  2. Cheryl Devokaitis says:

    That is fantastic!!!! I love hearing and learning new facts and relations! Your book arrived yesterday and has become a bible!! Treasuring all your work and feeling a little disappointed that medlen might have been a myth. New news on our tree. ( hope u don’t mind me mentioning this) My mother’s side which is also Dayton….. had 2 out of her 4 gr parents are dir. fuller descendants from the mayflower. …kindness is underrated… 😉

    Dr Samuel fuller/Edward fuller Brothers/passengers on mayflower Both those lines of fuller merge when my grandmother whose mother is a mix married a fuller who descended from Edward fuller!!!! Brothers unite lines in 1912!

    What a discovery! Congrats to Jim and his spouse!



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