Samuel Dayton, 66, of Brookhaven at Fire Place

Samuel Dayton died July 5, 1690 at his house on the Neck named for him at South. He was born in Ashford, Kent, the son of Ralph and Alice Dayton.

Sam was predeceased by his parents, his wives Medlin and Mary, two sons, Samuel and Caleb and his sister, Ellen. He was survived by four sons of Medlin: Ralph about 41, Abraham about 37, Isaac about 33 and Jacob about 32. He was also survived by his beloved wife Elizabeth and the couple’s daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth.

Sam traveled a great deal, but his known residences were located in settlements at Southampton and North Sea, Oyster Bay and Matinecock and in various locations in the town of Brookhaven, beginning at Setauket and ending on Dayton’s Neck at Fireplace. He had earlier resided for a brief time at New Haven CT and Flushing.

Sam’s will was written the day before he died, leaving house and lands at South to his wife and daughters. He had remembered each of his sons generously before his death, distributing respective portions to each son at the appropriate time, avoiding some degree of disagreement among them. Sam named no executor.

The exact location of Sam’s interment is unknown, but it is believed to be somewhere on or near Dayton’s Neck, probably not far from today’s George Washington Lodge property on South Country Road, near the boundary between Bellport and the hamlet of Brookhaven.

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