Thomas Baker of Southold?

In History of Southold, L.I. Its First Century, Whitaker included Thomas Baker prominently in his list of inhabitants of Southold. Whitaker provided no source and, despite our rather lengthy search, no other author was found who spoke of Baker at Southold. Whitaker said,

For nearly thirty years past I have been carefully making a list of the early settlers who left written evidence…Nearly all named in the list which I have made were not only residents here, but also landowners. In the words of the Town Patent, they were ‘Freeholders and Inhabitants.’

Apparently, Whitaker thought Baker remained in Southold for some time. He also said,

…Thomas Baker removed to Easthampton, Long Island. He was one of the settlers and representatives of that Town who obtained in 1649 the title from Gov. Eaton and Gov. Hopkins, these Governors having purchased it the previous year…

Meanwhile, in Milford, CT: The 1639 record established its first members and Thomas Baker was among those allowed status of free planter there, where he remained in various records until 1650. We know Bakers were still at the Milford church in 1650 because their daughter was baptized there. East Hampton Town Records, Vol I clearly state that Baker was of Milford, CT before he moved to East Hampton.

I do not find evidence that our Thomas Baker, husband of Alice Dayton, ever lived in Southold. Does anyone have evidence that suggests he did?

Thomas should not be confused with at least two others with the same name, all living in New England at this time. Thomas seems to be most often mistaken for a Thomas Baker of Roxbury, Massachusetts but is probably also confused with a third Thomas Baker, a child, who arrived in Boston with his father, aboard The Rose of Yarmouth on April 8, 1637.

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