Shoemaking scenario

This post is the last in a series of three, talking about opportunities for research at Ashford.

We’ve already introduced the idea that Ralph Dayton could have acquired Hugh Tritton’s house and shoemaking shop. I admit that this is not likely, but it is possible because it could explain Ralph Dayton Junior’s large house and would provide a shop for Ralph Junior’s known occupation as he lived his entire life at Ashford. What a research opportunity!

If it could be determined that Ralph and Alice did acquire the Tritton “inn” and shop, it would open the door to a variety of ancillary questions and imaginative conjecture. But let’s have fun with it.

Was Ralph a cordwainer before marrying Alice or was he eventually called a cordwainer because he owned a cordwainer’s shop?

How’s this for a twist—had Ralph been apprenticed, in his youth, to Hugh Tritton? Just imagine, that knowledge might lead us to discover who Ralph’s parents were. Our dreaming could go on and on…

A capable researcher would do a great service for the Dayton family if he/she would search and analyze Ashford or Kent records to discover evidence supporting or discrediting this acquisition of the Tritton property.

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