Marrying up

It seems that Ralph Dayton did well for himself in Ashford. Let me explain.

Ralph’s future mother-in-law, Bennett was named sole executrix for the estates of Robert Goldhatch and Hugh Tritton, her first two husbands. Both were quite generous to their widow.

While Bennett was married to Hugh, Bennett’s daughter Alice married her stepbrother Daniel Tritton, a marriage cut short by Daniel’s death about 7 years later. Daniel left Alice with 2 daughters.

Daniel had died before his father. Alice was beneficiary in the wills of her father and her father-in-law, in addition to receiving a share of her husband Daniel’s estate. Hugh also remembered Alice’s daughters, his granddaughters. A few years after Daniel’s death, on June 16, 1617, Alice Goldhatch Tritton married Ralph Dayton and just 2 years later, Hugh died.

Since both Hugh and his son had been listed as householders, the Trittons must have had a sizable house. Is it possible, although it might be a stretch, that Bennett and her daughter Alice (and therefore Ralph) were somewhat in control of the large Tritton house and shop? Might this be the same estate that was eventually acquired by Ralph Dayton Junior who, according to the 1664 Lady Day Hearth Tax Assessment, occupied a house with seven hearths?

This is an extraordinary opportunity for research, since there are so many interesting questions to be answered. See our book for more specifics.

Next time, we’ll push the idea of Ralph and the shoemaking shop a bit further.

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