All in the family

Robert Goldhatch and Bennett Meade were married in 1585 and the couple had a daughter, Alice. Robert and Bennett were married about 14 or 15 years when Robert died. A year or two later, when Alice was about 14, her mother married Hugh Tritton, of the same Ashford, Kent parish. After another six years, on April 14, 1607, Alice married her stepbrother, Daniel Tritton.

Daniel and Alice had been married about 7 years when Daniel died without a will, leaving Alice, then 27, with two daughters. On June 16, 1617, Ralph Dayton married widow Alice Goldhatch Tritton, “both of the parish.”

In America, more than 50 years after the marriage of his parents, Ralph and Alice’s son Samuel Dayton married his third wife, widow Elizabeth Beardsley. At the time of their marriage in 1668/69, Elizabeth had two daughters—Hannah and her younger sister Mary, who was about 7. Samuel had 4 sons still at home, all younger than 21 (his 2 youngest had been disposed). His third son, Abraham, was about 15.

Like Bennett and daughter Alice who married father and son, Samuel and son Abraham married mother and daughter. Abraham married his stepsister, Mary Beardsley about 1684.

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