Ralph Dayton opportunities for research

Judging from what has already been learned, it is safe to assume there are many interesting components to the Dayton family story in Ashford, Kent that are yet undiscovered. When individual entries from the parish registry at Saint Mary the Virgin are joined, combinations reveal a narrative that stimulates the imagination. Interpretation of the Dayton story at Kent also involves other families that came to America, families that are important to us. But I’d like to start with Ralph Dayton’s story, featuring the Goldhatch and Tritton families.

I created what was meant to be yesterday’s post, based on information from the registry, but decided not to publish it as it was too complicated and difficult to follow. Instead, it will be broken into three or four smaller, more focused installments. I plan to post the first tomorrow and follow with other related segments every few days, when possible.

If you are interested in research involving Ralph Dayton at Ashford—there is much to discuss.

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2 Responses to Ralph Dayton opportunities for research

  1. paullee6977 says:

    I am excited! Can hardly wait to learn more!!


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