350 years ago, today

Governor Nicholls of New York had invited the Unkechaug, Shinnecock and Montaukett sachems to meet with him in the fall of 1665, to formally establish diplomatic relations. The governor heard the sachem complaints and after the old patent was dissolved, he established a new agreement that would force English settlers like Samuel Dayton to give up his investment at Matinecock, abandoning his cellar there and relocating back to Brookhaven.

In the following letter to Captain John Underhill, Governor Nicholls was apparently communicating his decision on the matter of Samuel and his four vacated lots, perhaps responding to an appeal from Sam, through Underhill. Yet again, this hints at the idea that the two men (Samuel Dayton and John Underhill) may have had some kind of connection.

On this day, April 19, 1667,

That as to the buisnesse of Samuell Daytons having of foure Lotts & his exposing them to sale upon his Removall, Its thought fitt hee should have one either to enjoy or otherwise to dispose thereof, but no more the other three may bee reserved for the Encouragement of other familyes to come & settle upon them. And for the proposall of the Inhabitants of giving a Name to the place, The Governo'” doth approve of what they shall doe therein as well that no person shall bee forced upon them without his Approbation.

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