Alice Dayton not in the Seating at the Meeting House

Looking again at the list of church members in the Seating at the Meeting House in New Haven Colony, it is a little disconcerting that Alice Dayton does not seem to be present. In all, there were about ninety-nine men and ninety women in the ordered part of the list, with no mention of a Goodwife or “Goody” Dayton, leading some genealogists to assume that Ralph was a widower at this time.

We concede it is possible she had died but, as my brother Jim suggested more than twenty years ago, the absence of a Goodwife Dayton in membership doesn’t automatically mean she wasn’t living. This idea is supported, considering that her daughter Alice Baker was not listed as a member at Milford. Perhaps Alice Dayton was living but not a member of the congregation at New Haven and furthermore, she could even be the “wife” Ralph referred to in 1653/54, when he divided his East Hampton estate with their youngest son Robert Dayton.

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