Motivation to learn more about David and Anne Francis Dayton

In the last few weeks, we have been chasing down possible leads on David Dayton (son of Henry Dayton) during the American Revolution on Long Island and in New Jersey, Connecticut and in Massachusetts. Those new leads have now been exhausted and we have nothing new to report about David. (THIS STATEMENT WAS CORRECTED IN THE NEWER ENTRY ABOVE-Steve) But we have not lost hope, as we continue to look at those people interacting with David and family.

Along the way, we’ve accumulated a few more leads concerning the identity of David’s wife Anne Francis and have much more work there. We have yet to find any evidence to corroborate the claim of Anne’s French descent or to discover the origin of that belief. In a related search, we continue to track the Adams family and Jeremiah Addoms (Adams) at Great Egg Harbor, NJ, in the hope of discovering more about the estate that David inherited from his father who had acquired it from Adams sometime before 1760.

I am repeatedly inspired to continue the search, to learn more about the British occupation of Long Island, and to learn more about the David Dayton family. The motivation is created whenever I try to imagine what it must have been like to become caught up in the conflict, while trying desperately to hold on to and protect family, farm, relationships and community. In some cases, being forced to “choose a side” meant you were choosing to turn against a valued neighbor, friend or relative, accompanied by the uncertainty of the consequences resulting from your decision. How devastating to live in such fear!

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