Birth Order for Children of David Dayton and Anne Francis

Generally speaking, we believe the vital statistics for our first six generations of Dayton ancestors on Long Island are very good. Least certain among all the generations, however, is the birth order for the daughters of David Dayton Senior and Anne Francis (married 1760). David was the son of Henry Dayton. This lack of easily accessible record might have something to do with the large number of records lost or destroyed during the American Revolution.

A few records can be found for each of the couple’s five sons, four of them (David, Abraham, Telem and Joel) left Long Island for upstate New York and Vermont. We believe that the oldest, Henry, remained near Coram, perhaps to look after his mother or sisters. Two of the four daughters, Abigail and Anne, married Patchogue men (Nathan Smith and Davis/David Rose) and probably remained there, at least temporarily. However, very little is known of Deborah and Rhoda, assuming they survived childhood.

It is hoped that more information about this family might be found and shared. Perhaps there are descendants of Abigail Dayton Smith, Anne Dayton Rose, Deborah or Rhoda who might have knowledge of this family,

Anyone have ideas?

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