Henry Dayton at Great Egg Harbor, NJ

On this day, January 24, in 1760, an inventory of Henry Dayton’s estate at Great Egg Harbor, NJ was signed by his son David Dayton and other witnesses. David had inherited the estate valued at £185 from his father upon Henry’s death in 1759.

Even with all the clues and information gained from Henry’s will and this inventory, most of the story in New Jersey is still a mystery—was the property a plantation or an orchard as were some of his Long Island properties? When and how had Henry come to acquire the property from Jeremiah Addoms (Adams) and what were the circumstances of David meeting and marrying Anne Frances there?

Since very little information about the couple in New Jersey can be found, it is likely that David sold the property soon after and took his bride back to Long Island, perhaps between Patchogue and Coram.

The inventory and an image of the marriage application can be found in chapter 19 of our book.

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2 Responses to Henry Dayton at Great Egg Harbor, NJ

  1. It’s a near certainty that inventories would have been taken of Henry’s properties in Connecticut and New York state. My search for these inventories did not result in any successes. However, I still believe these inventories are out there in public records I encourage future researchers to seek these inventories out. They could reveal lots of information about Henry’s prosperity and other important information about this generation of Dayton’s. I encourage and challenge readers to pursue this mystery.


    • Steve Dayton says:

      Thank you. Yes, great point. Henry’s will provides so much information about his family and possessions, I believe that an entire book could be written, based solely on research and discovery inspired by the document.


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