Connecting Henry Dayton with David Dayton using earmarks

There are so many angles to researching family and expanding recorded legacy, the pursuit is never finished. One such angle is the study of earmarks and connecting generations by following a personal earmark through a family, usually from father to son.

Long Island earmark registries contain many Daytons, yet we are not aware of any published attempt or study to trace and connect generations by matching pairs and following iterations among siblings. This project begs attention from interested researchers, and has potential to be of great service to many branches of the Dayton family. A scholarly study would be ideal for publication.

On the November 29 blog entry, I mentioned that Ralph Dayton apparently had an earmark in the 1650’s at East Hampton, perhaps the earliest known reference to an earmark in New York. To our knowledge, no earmark has yet been found for Ralph or for his son Samuel Dayton. We expect that both Samuel and his son Abraham had registered earmarks, but we did not have an opportunity to look for them. We would have enjoyed undertaking the task, given sufficient time.

Below is an example of an earmark, this one for Henry, youngest son of Abraham Dayton and Catherine Swazey (or Katherine Sweezey). In our book, we provide other samples and positively link David Dayton Senior with his father Henry by use of earmarks.


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