Another beekeeper, Henry Dayton

I neglected to mention in the last post that Ralph’s 4th great grandson, Henry Dayton, was also a beekeeper. Though there’s a good probability there were other beekeepers between Ralph Dayton and this Henry, these are the two that come to mind.

Born in 1792 to David and Chloe Dayton, Henry developed some of his Hadley Hill, NY fields for plowing, while others were thinned for pasturing cows and sheep in the meadow. Still other fields were planted with fruit trees (as did his ancestors), especially apple, whose early blossoms fed his honey bees and pollinators before the spring flowers arrived. Records indicate that Henry’s beekeeping produced over 100 pounds of marketable honey and wax annually. His wax was very desirable at market and was used to form foundations for the frames in his hive.

For more information, see the Census of 1855, and for farm inventory and data, refer to the tables for Christie Ann, Silas and Telam (also Telem, Telim) in the Agriculture and Domestic Manufactures, Agricultural Statistics from Hadley, June 12, 1855.

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