“Ambling Around Brookhaven Hamlet”

Should you ever have the opportunity to visit the community of Brookhaven hamlet on Long Island, be sure to secure a copy of “Ambling Around Brookhaven Hamlet: Self-Guided Tours of Our Historic Hamlet and Its Hospitable Habitat.” As you might remember, the hamlet contains Dayton’s Neck and Dayton’s Creek, both very important to the story of Samuel Dayton and before that, to the English settlement of Brookhaven itself.

The authors, Marty Van Lith, Anita Cohen and John Deitz, along with Tom Williams are some of the most likable and astute people you’ll ever meet. In fact, the same can be said for the membership of the Fire Place History Club that Marty and John co-founded. We are so grateful to them for accepting us, for sharing some of their knowledge and for allowing us to call them our friends.

To find out more about their book, please see page two of the Brookhaven Retired Employees Association BREA NEWS for March/April of 2015 linked here. https://www.bnl.gov/bera/activities/brea/PDFnewsletter/2015/Vol%2015-2.pdf

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One Response to “Ambling Around Brookhaven Hamlet”

  1. I’m an “ambler” too. I love the town of Brookhaven and I love the hamlet of Brookhaven. Each time I visit, I feel like I am home again. I understand why Samuel, Abraham, Henry, and David are presumably buried there. When I stand on the property that is supposedly Samuel’s homestead at Fire Place, I feel an indescribable sense of awe and respect.


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