Has anyone seen “Chloe Dayton’s Bible?”

Though no one seems to know why, Donald Lines Jacobus chose to give the marriage date for David Dayton and Chloe Skiff as December 29, 1789.

Jacobus did not reveal his source in 1959, but we assume the marriage date came from notes for the 1902 manuscript of Charles Nathan Dayton, (1845-1924?). His manuscript was later edited by James W. Dayton and was released in 1963.

The reason why the information could have come from Charles is because Charles believed the marriage date came from “Chloe Daytons Bible,” as he relates in a handwritten letter to an unknown descendant of David Dayton (1766-1807). In the letter, Charles does not mention if he actually saw Chloe’s bible or if he received the information second-hand.

We have in our possession a copy of a single page of the letter where Charles lists the children of David and Chloe and provides their marriage date of December 29, 1789, claiming the records exist in “Chloe Daytons Bible.” I’ve included a copy of part of that page below.


Comparing the marriage date to the date of birth for their first child, Joel in August of 1790, it is easy to understand our interest.

We assume the bible went west, possibly with one of the grandchildren? Does anyone have knowledge of “Chloe Dayton’s Bible?”

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