Dayton Family History

We are pleased to announce and welcome back Dayton Family History, “published for the enjoyment of the descendants of Wilber Thomas Dayton Sr.”

For many years, through much of the 1980s and 1990s, we were thrilled to receive Jim’s quarterly newsletter called Dayton Family History via U.S. Mail. Jim, being the family historian, consistently revealed all kinds of information about our past and present, and kept the family informed of exciting new discoveries. At the time, I imagine the publication was an expensive and time-consuming task.

As he picked up the mantle, I recall that it was Jim who first informed us of our Aunt Flossie (Dayton) Denton’s work, analyzing and verifying it against his own work. To my knowledge, Jim was the first to break through some of the walls that had frustrating so many researchers before him. How we wish we could discuss and inform our father’s generation all that Jim has put together through the years!

Look for Jim to be weaving some of those old stories into the blog…especially some of the interviews with the Dayton brothers including Uncle Wilber.

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