Dayton’s Neck

Thanks again to the work of John Deitz, we are able to outline the approximate location of Dayton’s Neck and Samuel Dayton’s farm from the 1670s until his death in 1690. The Google© photo and graphic below provide an angle of view that reveals the strategic location of Samuel’s farm and probable burial site. Although the exact site remains unproven, it does provide a “dry” route, above the tree line, to the crossing at Beaver Dam Creek (formerly Dayton’s Creek), the bridge being visible at the extreme upper right of the photo. Today this is Beaver Dam Road that continues east to Squassux Landing on the Carman’s River (formerly Connecticut River), where I believe Sam probably had some kind of storage facility for tar and whale oil. Since a fresh water source was of primary importance when choosing a location to live, the George Washington Lodge property is probable considering that a spring existed there that was productive enough to supply a very large swimming pool a century ago (see John’s postcard of the pool).

Also in the photo, just to the right, Tar Men’s Neck is located between Dayton’s Neck and Beaver Dam Creek which is the western boundary of Fire Place Neck.


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