Mayflower connection to Dayton

If you are a descendent of Chloe Skiff (wife of David Dayton Junior, born 1766), you may already know that you have at least four Mayflower passengers in your ancestry. In case you weren’t aware, they are John Tilley, his wife Joan Rogers, their daughter Elizabeth and her husband John Howland who is famously known as the boy that fell off the boat as portrayed in the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special called Mayflower Voyagers (link has been removed due to copyright). They are a very interesting group. In fact, years ago, when our daughter was supposed to read a biography and write a book report, she selected Elizabeth Tilley, not even knowing that Elizabeth was her ancestor. It has been observed that the last names in the line have changed only three times from John Howland to Chloe Dayton, with Chipman and four generations of Skiffs between.

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4 Responses to Mayflower connection to Dayton

  1. Ed Denne says:

    Perhaps it is just my connection but I am blocked from seeing “Mayflower Voyagers” as copyright in US. “This video contains content from Little Dot Family, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” Be that as it may, I am totally enjoying this new site and thank the Dayton pair once again for moving the discoveries forward. Lots of goodies here already. I for one would enjoy hearing more of your trip east this year. My wife and I made another trip to the UK and Ireland for research – what fun this all is. Thank you once again – GREAT JOB!


    • stdayton says:

      Hi Ed! It’s great to hear from you.Thanks for your support and for telling me about the link. We enjoyed your wonderful photos. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go along on the last trip, but I’ll see what information Jim can provide that might help others also.


  2. Cinda Hartlet says:

    My file is of Dayton descent. We have a family bible that came ovet from England and dates back over 300 years.


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