How many ways can you spell Dayton?

As you get deeper into Dayton research, don’t get discouraged by the many spellings of “Dayton.” Through the years, we have come across many legitimate spellings for the last name of our ancestors. In Henry’s 1759 will alone, five forms of his last name were used. We’ve found these spellings, most used before widespread standardization: Dyghton. Dyghttone, Ditton, Deighton, Digton, Dayghto, Drayton, Dayghton, Datton, Daighton, Dyghton, Dighton, Dightō, Daiton, Daytan, Daitone, Dayten, Detten, Dateton, Daitun, Doyton, Daten, Daton and Datten.

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