Was David Dayton a Patriot?

We continue our search for clues and evidence that might suggest David Dayton’s position in the war and occupation of Long Island. To the families leaning toward the status quo, the choices weren’t only patriot or tory.

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1 Response to Was David Dayton a Patriot?

  1. Bev Tyler says:

    You are correct. There are some who were ardent Patriots, there are others who were committed Loyalists. We know many of them as they stood out and were active, and in many cases were written about and took part in activities for their respective sides. However, a somewhat larger group were on the fence or simply leaning to one side or the other. For the ones who were Loyalists at the beginning of the war, time took it toll. By 1780, the majority of residents of Brookhaven, as well as Suffolk County, no longer wished the British Army to stay in America. They became Patriots by default. The British had stripped Long Island of food, fuel and Fodder. They disliked all Americans and the feeling was rapidly becoming mutual. This was not an ending, but a beginning of America, the start of unity which still had a long way to go to achieve it. Bev


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